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When you are looking to sell your home or other property, retain a real estate professional that will get it done quickly and at top dollar- a professional backed by a company that has a track record that demonstrates effectiveness in satisfying their clients.  

It's a lot of work to sell a house. I have the skills and know-how to get your home or other property sold quickly. No matter how nice your property may be, a house will not necessarily sell itself!  An agent who is the right fit makes your selling process as easy as possible.

The Right Choice- Deborah Korlin and her Team

If you are looking for a real estate professional to help you with the complexities of reselling a home or other property, Deborah Korlin and her Century 21 MVP team will be one of the best choices you can make. The knowledge, commitment and strong communication you'll get from them will help ensure a successful, profitable, and stress-free sale of your home or other property.  

Here is what we provide.

We provide a number of key advantages in our system and practice that assure a quick sale of property at a fair price and without stressing you out.


  1. CENTURY 21 MVP SYSTEMS AND TOOLS – You will take advantage of the broad spectral range of systems and tools to aid the sale of your house from start to finish.

  2. ASSISTANCE IN SETTING PRICE OF YOUR PROPERTY – Your property should be priced to attract serious attention when it is first listed, as that is the time at which the property will receive the most views on the various advertising media.  You do not want to set the price much higher than the estimated market value.  I will help you in the determination of what the asking price should be for your listing. Deborah has special expertise in selling cabin property.  A person who does this must know intimately the market, the profitability of cabin property based on such characteristics as location, condition, features, furnishings, and intangibles.

  3. ASSISTANCE IN DETERMINING FIXES AND PREPARATION FOR SHOWING - I will help by suggesting noticeable fixes and improvements to prepare and stage your home for showing.  I am personally very experienced at home décor and preparing your property for sale.  Buyers will see your home in prime selling condition.

  4. ADVERTISING ON THE INTERNET – Since most potential buyers start exploring with an online search, top positioning on listing sites is vital. Your property will have access to placement on Yahoo, Bing, and other websites. This will maximize the exposure of your property and bring a large number of potential buyers to see information about your home or other property.

  5. EMAIL PROMOTIONS - It is critical to "work the network." We are able to work together to identify the right agents to concentrate on your home or other property (e.g. agents that serve your property location)-and speak to them by email to create excitement and interest.

  6. PERSONAL TOUCH - Technology alone will not sell your home. My face-to-face interaction provides the prime means for marketing your property-and you will not have to stress regarding having to do this yourself or depend on unfamiliar buyers agents. We will deal with the details of the total process very carefully, and with frequent communication to guarantee the marketing and sales of your house go smoothly.


Cabin in the Great Smoky MountainsCabin in the Great Smoky Mountains

Deborah Korlin and her Century 21 MVP team have exemplary recommendations from clients for their services.

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