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I specialize in real estate located in communities in Tennessee that are closest to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  I am especially knowledgeable about cabins and homes located in the Great Smoky Mountains, its foothills, and its superb geography.  Be sure to call on me for listing your property or for assisting you in your search for property.  We sell property we list very fast.  And, we provide superb service to buyers of property. We can advise you on the various details that you need to know about investing in rental cabins and other property in the Great Smoky Mountains area.  Contact me at 865-765-6157 or email me.  

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About the Communities near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

All the communities are close to the Great Smokies.  The largest distance from the center of the community at the greatest distance to the Great Smokies National Park is Kodak at 24 miles and 42 minutes, the shortest is Gatlinburg at 2 miles and 5 minutes.  Other communities right next to the park are Townsend, Wears Valley, Pittman Center, and Cosby.  Near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park are Pigeon Forge (8 miles, 18 minutes), Sevierville (15 miles, 29 minutes), Seymour (24 miles, 36 minutes), and Walland (10 miles, 14 minutes). 

The two main National Park entrances are at Gatlinburg and at Townsend.  Townsend and Gatlinburg are connected by Little River Gorge Road and Fighting Creek Gap Road, which runs through the National Park.  The Two lakes are very near- Ft. Loudon Lake southwest of Knoxville and Douglas Lake near Kodak, Dandridge, and Sevierville.

Most of the cabins are located in Gatlinburg, Sevierville, and Pigeon, although some will be found in other communities throughout.  Conventional homes will be found in every community.   The main venues for entertainment and dining are in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, and to a lesser extent, Townsend. Kodak it the home of the Tennessee Smokies; and Knoxville offers collegiate sports, clubs, restaurants, concerts, museums, art galleries, and theatres.  The University of Tennessee offers programs in theater, music, and the arts that present programs to the general public.  Maryville offers dining, clubs, and concert.  The Clayton Center for the Arts at Maryville College is the center for concerts and plays.

So, you are close to a lot of great scenery, entertainment, events, venues, dining, hiking, boating, and lots more.

Dandridge and White Pine Tennessee- Aerial View

Why choose to live in a Great Smoky Mountain community?

We gave you a lot of reasons above to choose to live here, but there are others-

1.  Sensible government-  people of this region believe in government that provides for the common good, sees that modern health and welfare services, roads, and utilities are provided, operates successful educational programs at all levels including college, and provides a great environment for businesses- all with efficiency and reasonable cost.

2.  Low cost of living compared with other places.  Sevierville, for example, has a cost of living index of 92, lower than the average cost of living index for the U.S., which is 100.  The index for cost of housing in Sevierville is 82, compared with the average U.S. index of 100.

3.  Nice people- If you can get used to being called "honey" and "sweetie", you will agree that people of this part of the country are the nicest people you have ever met, or had to deal with.  That counts for a lot of reduction of stress.  

4.  Healthy climate- For Sevierville, the highest average temperature is in August at 89 F, the lowest in January at 26 F.  The average high temperature for the year is 71 F and the average low temperature for the year is 46 F.  The rainfall is 45 inches and snow, 5 inches.  Gatlinburg, at higher elevation, has more rain and snowfall, and has somewhat lower temperatures.  It is a fully temperate climate that is great for gardening, hiking, just being outside. 

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